IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is not an FDA approved medical treatment. It is not used to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Rather it is used to assist the body in maximizing its innate self-healing abilities. Before trying WBC, you should always ask your medical professional if the treatment is safe and appropriate for you. WBC treatments are not administered by a licensed medical professional.

Fill out and sign waiver.

Before you receive your Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatment at CryoFix Wellness, we need to assess your current state of health and determine if you are well-suited to receive WBC treatment. We also have you indicate on the waiver any areas where you may have pain or discomfort so we can keep track of your progress over time. Click here to fill out our waiver.

Receive a treatment overview from our staff.

Before you start your WBC session, we will explain the process to you in full, and address any questions you may have before hand. If you are not comfortable with anything, you can always opt-out if you so desire.

View List of Contraindications

Get ready for treatment.

You can use our changing room to dress down to the appropriate attire for treatment:
(The less you wear, the more you will maximize you treatment)

  • Men – Compression shorts, regular shorts or underwear
  • Women – Most women go in nude. Swim suit, sports bra & compression shorts, or underwear are also appropriate.

Keep in mind that your skin/attire cannot be wet when entering into the chamber. We will provide you with a robe to keep you covered up between the changing room and the WBC chamber. We will also provide you with the gloves, socks and rubber shoes that you will be required to wear while in the chamber.

Please make sure to avoid the excessive use of lotions on your body prior to treatment as well.

Get your WBC treatment.

One of our staff members will be supervising your treatment from beginning to end. We will set up the chamber so that your head is above the rim of the chamber to ensure that you are able to breathe in enough oxygen during your treatment. The maximum time in the chamber is 3 minutes, but you are not required to stay in that long. The chamber door is never locked, so you are free to exit any time you so desire. You can also simply ask to be removed from the chamber at any time if you get too cold or don’t like the way it feels.