4 Reasons Why Cryotherapy is Better Than an Ice Bath

1. How Your Body Reacts The benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are significantly different to that of an ice bath. While submerged in icy water, your body attempts to keep the skin’s surface from freezing by sending warm blood to the peripheral tissues. During this...

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Cryotherapy For Post Injury Recovery

FACT: The following picture is 2 DAYS DIFFERENCE of a sever foot sprain using Cryotherapy:   How is this possible? With Whole Body Cryotherapy, your skin gets really cold, really fast. This naturally induces a huge circulatory response in the body that constricts...

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The 3 Phases of Whole Body Cryotherapy

PHASE 1 2-3 minutes in a Cryo Chamber at -240° F results in a vaso-constriction effect of the blood vessels in the skin surface and muscles. This forces blood away from the peripheral tissues and into the core of the body where it circulates through all of the major...

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How does Whole Body Cryotherapy compare to an Ice Bath?

Ice baths have been used for decades by athletes to speed up recovery and reduce inflammation. Although both ice baths and Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) rely on the body's response to cold to induce any benefits, they actual affect the body in completely different...

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How does Whole Body Cryotherapy impact the Nervous System?

The human body's Nervous System is an incredible communication system that assesses the body's specific conditions, deficiencies, and immediate needs in order to determine how to restore itself and remain viable. It is theorized based on documented results that the...

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